Bed runner or bedspread, or perhaps both?

With the help of bed runners and bedspreads, you can significantly influence the look of the bedroom. Besides window decorations, they are the largest surface decorative textile in the interior.

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The bed runner and the bedspread serve two functions on the bed: practical and decorative. Choose the bedspread if you wish to entirely cover the bedding. Then, you do not have to worry about making the bed properly, and the bed will always look neat and aesthetic. Moreover, in the cold winter nights, the bedspread may serve as an extra cover against cold. The choice is yours whether to opt for a model hanging from the bed or a bedspread tucked under the mattress. To learn how to choose the perfect size, click here.

If you do not wish to invest in a bedspread, or you lack storage space, then a bed runner is an excellent alternative. In chilly nights, it will pleasantly warm your feet, and during the day give your bedroom elegance, like a five-star hotel. Note, however, that if you place the bed runner directly on the bedding, you should choose its colour to go with the pillowcases. We recommend models with homogeneous fabrics in neutral colours that fit most bedding. You can also choose decorative pillows from the same fabric as the bed runner to obtain a cosy atmosphere in the bedroom.


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