Never enough of decorative pillows!

The pillow does not only provide comfort of sleep in the bedroom, but may also serve as a decorative element. Unfortunately, we often forget about this and buy pillows just for sleeping purposes. It is time to change this!

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Pillows are an integral part of the bedroom decoration, as well as the bed itself. You can purchase a few or even a dozen pieces, combine colours, materials, patterns and shapes. You should, of course, take note that the pillows fit perfectly together and form a creative whole. Even if you are not fond of sleeping with too many pillows, never mind - at night you can put them aside, whereas during the day they will create a cosy bedroom ambience.

The choice of pillowcases should be made after the selection of the bedspread because the pillows are its visual complement. Decorative pillow sets from the same fabric as the bedspread fit perfectly, combined with single coloured pillows with smooth fabrics in a colour that matches the bedspread. It is worth arranging various shapes of pillows together, e.g. squares and rectangles. If the bedspread is made of a shiny material, some of the pillows may be in matte texture.  Moreover, vice versa - matte bedspreads should be arranged with shiny pillows that give the interior elegance and style.


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