Bedrooms that inspire

Bedroom holds an important role as a place reserved for intimacy and rest. We offer decorative textiles to make it look beautiful and calming. All because, in addition to offering warmth and comfort, they play a major role in setting the tone of the room.

Unlimited choice to suit every home

Hyggens offers endless arrangement possibilities, allowing you to choose the fabrics, quilting, thickness and size of the product. Visit our product creator to design your ideal one or browse our stylists’ recommendations.

Hand-crafted with passion

Bedroom decoration is our passion. The bond that ties all Hyggens team together is our spirit of excellence, a way of working and thinking that brings you the best of your bedroom. Our products are hand-made for each individual order, with attention to every detail.

Always the higest quality

Our collections were designed with commitment and determination to make them perfectly harmonized with every bedroom concept. Top quality of our fabrics is our priority. All of them are manufactured in EU, according to the highest standards.

Interational reach

We send our products to all European Union countries and to the USA. All are sewn individually and delivered to your home within 14 working days.